Falling Skies Falls Off The Radar

A science fiction TV series where Aliens have taken over the world with Steven Spielberg as Executive Producer surely sounds like a decent TV series.In reality it’s a bore-fest lacking any decent script, acting or special effects, with the series solely concentrating the relationships between the human characters rather than the Alien invaders.

What Falling Skies needed was to start off with a bang, a really big bang. What it started off with was Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) trying to retrieve some food on a trolley weaving in and out through some (adequately placed) burnt up cars, whilst being shot at by the Aliens and their robots. From this exact scene I was expecting it to build up and excite me, but I had a deep feeling down inside it was going to be probably the most exciting scene I may come across in this series – sadly I was right.

The real issue with this series is the fact it lacks any interest to the Sci-Fi genre, except for the Aliens having taken over, we rarely get a glimpse into how it all happened, or what the current real issues are for human survival are. All in all it’s a low-budget series with very little talent, chemistry, script or talent on-screen. The cast is poor, the scenes excruciatingly meaningless and void of any significance progress. Out of the 4 episodes I watched there seems to be a pattern;

Mission to find food / resources – run into Aliens – return to base

With the exception of one episode this is pretty much the case. I just find it irritating with shows like these, where the same shit happens, but everyone seems to be oblivious to what happened previously. The show lacks pretty much everything. The most interesting things about this are the low-budget Aliens and the cheap CGI robots which they use to enforce the humans.

How this show got renewed for a second season leaves me baffled. It’s total trash.