Forsaken World – Truly Forsaken

I’ve kept my distance from MMOs during my long years as a gamer. I’ve embraced many types of games; Beatem-ups, racers, RPGs, First Person Shooters, Platformers and many others, I took them all as they came along. I played them and embraced them, enjoyed my time with them. But I had one genre I never touched – MMOs.

If you aren’t familiar with MMOs (massive multi player online) games, you should know one thing; find a good one and you will be devoured and all encompassed by what they are. They are all engrossing, addictive and very much likely to take over your life as u know it. As I never got into the big MMO franchises like World of Warcraft – mainly due to their subscription models, I never quite understood what they offered. Until…

One bored evening, perusing the interwebs for something interesting to do. I was bored with turning on my Xbox, I had gotten bored with the bullshit offered. Call of Duty Black Ops was all I played on it recently, and I was bored of that franchise. Could not face another day with it. I needed something else, something to keep me interested and occupied. My ADD mentality was driving me insane. Here I had an awesome gaming machine, I needed to use it more.

I headed to steam and got perusing. Blacklight Retribution, here’s a free FPS game I could play without having to pay extortionate prices. And if it sucked it didn’t matter, I hadn’t paid for it. Playing it for a couple of hours I realised the biggest flaw for most FPS shooters – player base. There just wasn’t enough players playing it. So I decided to see what else was there for free. I was greeted by a nice CGI of a pretty angelic toon. Play Forsaken World for Free. I dived into the Abyss unknowingly…

Downloaded, installed and updates applied I launched the game. Character created – let’s go… I had no idea what I was doing and what I should be doing. I did what any person would do, went walkabout. Exploring my surroundings, ignoring the various pop-ups on my screen. This isn’t so bad. It’s actually a lot like most RPGs I’ve played. But wait! There are other people here, all running around doing their own things.

This was amazing. Other people here, sharing the same virtual world I was, and I could see them, follow them, interact with them. Oh I like this!

This really was something exciting. The amount of ideas that were going through my head of what could be achieved, how fun it would be to play with other people doing the same objectives. I had to take a step back. I logged out and decided to find out more. To the Forums!

After some lengthy research I had decided on my class, how I should be playing and what I should be doing. Stoneman Protector by the name of Summanus – Forsaken World you better be ready. Days, weeks and months went by. I played and played. Somehow the real world didn’t matter any more. I cared very little for it, it wasn’t interesting me in the very least at this point of time.  I levelled my toon, I joined a guild, I did instances, I bought armour, weapons. This was the norm now. Me, my guild and the people I was playing it with.

But all is not well, this world truly is Forsaken. Real world issues started to creep into this fantasy world. They started to hinder my pleasure for the game. They got in the way of fun and enjoyment. Very soon I found myself looking at the parallels of them both. It all made sense. Even in this virtual world, money took precedence over fun and enjoyment. Everything worked for those that paid over those that didn’t. In game gear, modes, tweeks and rewards were all catered for and towards those that paid. Fixing bugs and balance issues were not priorities, rather promoting the latest charge promotions were. Those that poured money into a free-to-play game, would benefit the most.

We now had demi-gods walking amongst us, those daft enough to spend thousands of dollars to build toons to dominate and monopolise everything in game. They unbalanced the game, but the devs did not care. They were getting paid from these fools. Why would they change? They were getting paid!

As I now recall the last month or so playing the game. Bitterness and a depth of sadness flowed through me during those last few days, I knew my time in this Forsaken World was truly forsaken, but all for the wrong reasons. At least in the real world, I had some sort of power to try and stop those greed induced money motivated fools.

But for those still in Forsaken World, they are doomed.