MW3 Blackout – Now You Realised

There’s a viral going around Youtube for an intended blackout of MW3 on the 20th April 2012, which wants all Call of Duty MW3 players to not login and play the game for 24 hours. The idea behind it is commendable but I doubt it’s going to make any difference nor will a significant number of people take part for it to matter. But the main thing here is, Activision simply won’t give a monkeys ass like they haven’t been doing since Modern Warfare 2 – ever since they made the first billion dollars.

What the very people behind this movement need to really do and encourage is to boycott the game entirely. Not playing for a mere 24 hours won’t mean shit. There will still be millions who don’t care about all the bugs, glitches and imbalances in the game to make a dent big enough to notice. The very same bugs and imbalances that have been prevalent in the game since Modern Warfare 2.

It’s the same scenario which takes place in any successful company when they hit it big; profits, profits and more profits. When a franchise makes billion dollars after billions dollars, only a monumental idiot would change the recipe. Call of Duty has gone from being one of the finest First Person Multiplayer Shooters to being the most popular – those two things aren’t the same thing. They both create very different monsters.

Whilst calling to fix bugs, glitches and balances is admirable, I don’t think Activision cares nor has the personnel or ability to do so. Since Zampella and West were fired and sued and counter sued it’s been all about money. The two joined arch rivals EA, created their own studio Respawn and have clearly stated their first game is solely funded by EA. Taking a look at their roster of the team they’ve built, it’s clear to see the staff is primarily the staff behind Modern Warfare 2 and other Call of Duty games. This leaves the conclusion; exactly who is going to fix and address the balances in the game? Both the community managers of Black Ops and MW3 have left their positions, so one can assume the feedback from the community is no longer reaching those at board level, not that they would hear anything with all the money stuck between their ear holes anyway. We can also assume, both of them tried their best to fix bugs but in the end, they had little power and staff to actually get it done fast enough.

When you come to a situation like this what the community needs to do is boycott the game entirely. When the stakes become so high the only way the board at Activision would take note is if they don’t make a billion dollars from the next Call of Duty. Talk with your wallets. This isn’t a trade union, you’ve already bought the game and made them rich, your naivety assumes that anyone is actually listening to you. They’re not. Honestly, they don’t give a shit about a few Youtube commentators screaming and shouting about what’s wrong or broken in the game. Millions paid for it and are still playing it day in day out, and most of them don’t watch your channels, they don’t care either. They just want to ride the bandwagon of Call of Duty and play it just to be in with the cool kids.