Living With Linux – Kubuntu Precise Pangolin LTS

Kubuntu Desktop – Simple, Fresh and Elegant

A little while ago, 2 of my Hard Drives on my Windows desktop died. A few days later after I removed them and did some data recovery I got a random BSOD and then my Windows decided it wasn’t genuine anymore and thus I decided  – no more. When I built my midi behemoth of a Tower I had good use for it. I was doing a lot of photo editing, designing and plenty of downloading, I was even getting into video editing. But as my system laid there on its death bed I did some thinking.

I don’t do a lot of that any more. And frankly after years and years of Windows I was fed up of the unreliable nature of it all. It was time to look at things in perspective. Most of what I did (or didn’t do, some could argue) was all browser-based. That was my priority, everything else isn’t that important. Really there was only one choice currently – Linux.

I have played plenty of times with Linux and all seem to be very similar experiences; driver issues, terminal based and lack of support. I had played with Ubuntu and Mint previously, both left decent impressions on me. So I decided to boot up using the old CD rom images and download the latest version. That in itself was genius. As I did my research and compared the newest version of Mint and Ubuntu I ran into LTS. Long Term Support, these latest releases would be supported for 5 years. Brilliant, piece of mind. After trying both distributions for a while on and off, I decided I wasn’t quite happy. Something just didn’t appeal.

Google nudged me towards Kubuntu. Based on Ubuntu, with the only difference really being the UI, they both had different approaches to how you used them. But as I used Kubuntu more I realised it was very much like the familiarity of Windows with a very significant exception. Everything was built and working, and if it wasn’t it was one click away from being installed and available. Ever Since then I haven’t looked back.

Kubuntu is brilliant. From the error messages to the works out of the box experience and the great UI which can be customised easily to the users liking. It is really a masterpiece of an OS – the best thing is it’s all free! I have yet to find an issue that would mean I had to reboot to my Windows install on my dual-boot laptop to solve.

Search and Launch – one of the ways to find what you are looking for

Everything works, and very well. From the Dolphin File Manager to browse directories, to the Dragon Player which tells you of missing codecs to play certain content and downloads and installs in one click. Gwen image viewer lets you browse all your images in a pretty UI and do simple edits to them from within. Libre Office easily handles all your documents, whether that be Excel, Word or Powerpoint and even Draw. The Plasma desktop is  a great way to start doing stuff and if u get distracted just switch to another virtual desktop and come back later when your mind is ready. Muon software centre takes care of all your application needs. Having a centralised place to download and install software gives you a piece of mind.

This has easily been the best Linux experience I’ve had. Windows really is now in my mind an irrelevant costly option. Not only is it inferior when it comes to being lightweight and quick, but putting my laptop to standby and sleep will never give me the dread of opening up to a BSOD again.

I’m pretty sure I have in no way experienced everything Kubuntu has to offer, I’m sure I will find many more amazing things as I use it over the years, and I look forward to that.

The landscape of desktop pc is changing, paying for an OS just doesn’t feel right any more. Not when you have a choice of many more superior reliable versions out there with Long Term Support. Linux is flexible and there are many variants out there. You can easily download one, burn to CD rom and try it out yourself without having to commit. You can’t do that with Windows.