Mass Effect 3 – End Of A Trilogy

The world of Mass Effect is astonishing. If you are a science fiction buff, then you will be amazed. Alien races, planets, powers, weapons and plenty of action. Add in the complex decision-making, relationships, ethical views and just a bit of imagination and what you have is a masterpiece. The world of Mass Effect I dare say it, is the best science fiction world ever created. It’s so outrageous, and yet if you sit and think about it all; it is all quite possible. That’s what makes it ingenious.

Mass Effect 3 completes a worthy trilogy. In my opinion it’s a bit like the Godfather trilogy. Mass Effect 2 for me personally was the best out of them all. Perhaps the only positive Mass Effect 3 has over the second, is the multi-player co-op, which is surprisingly fun and challenging.

Perhaps one of the reasons Mass Effect 3 isn’t as good as the second, is due to the fact your final decision-making in squad selection for specific tasks doesn’t really have much effect on the final outcome. There are missions even when certain squad members volunteer to come; EDI for the final Cerberus mission and Tali for the Geth Dreadnought. The fact the player doesn’t have a choice to allow or deny them to tag along makes one feel less involved and quite powerless – in the end, it is a game. This also follows on to the final assault to take Earth back. There are no real consequences to making a wrong choice for the final mission. Where in Mass Effect 2, choose the wrong squad mate for the wrong missions and you face some harsh consequences. This I assume is where all the negative trolling and fanboy outcries have been in regards to. Enough for Bioware to go back and deliver a DLC especially to explain and try add closure to the whole scenario, which it fails badly.

Mass Effect 3 – Reapers Have Finally Come

The Extended Cut DLC adds very little to the overall game, it has a few more lines to explain some situations and shows a few more stills during the end cut scene. Hardly worth it, Bioware should have just stood strong.

If you are a science fiction fan and love RPG games, then you should really check out Mass Effect. It’s a unique blend of RPG and Shooter in one. Very few games have managed to keep a balance as Mass Effect has. The lore, plot and game design are worth a look too. You can also find yourself distracted by some of the gorgeous artwork on offer.