Sherlock Holmes – A Game Of Shadows – Mysteriously Misses A Finale

Being highly impressed by and thoroughly enjoying the first, I was expecting good things from this sequel. Perhaps then, it was my fault for expecting. When it comes to entertainment I try to live by my ethos in life; expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed. But, I did expect something from this sequel, and I got something else in return – a weak plot and a missing finale. It was all very predictable.

That’s probably the worst I can say about the film itself. It seems to have been rushed. The final part of the film gradually came to a halt rather than the explosive end in the first film. It lacked any form of intensity or suspense. A squirt at the end of a non-existent build up. But it’s not to say the film on the whole isn’t worth watching. By far, as predictable as it was, it was enjoyable. Especially when it comes to special effects and slow motion scenes. Sherlock’s predicting the future of combat like a chess game in his mind are prevalent in this as expected. Analysing situations constantly, you come to expect him to expect things to play out as he expects, but they don’t always do.

The innovative camera work and intelligent cutting keep this film from being a total loss. The scenes seen through Sherlock’s mind’s eye and the chase through the woods can’t compare with the final scene on Tower Bridge mid build in the first film. But they are just about enough to keep you watching. At times, it doesn’t really feel like a Sherlock Holmes film, more like Mission Impossible meets Saving Private Ryan. If you can ignore the weak plot and lack of genius twists overall in a film about one of the greatest fictional minds, then you’ll find it adequate enjoyment. But expecting anything else from it will end in disappointment. Which is a shame really.