Transformers 3 – Dark Of The Moon

Lets get this right straight from the off; Transformers 3 is not a bad film. But it’s not a good film either. Ignore the fact it does use some footage from The Island,… Continue reading

MetroTwit – A Desktop Alternative To Tweetdeck?

MetroTwit is inspired by the Metro tiles UI found on the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform. It’s aimed to be a minimal and lightweight Twitter desktop client for Windows. It’s in beta phase… Continue reading

Game Of Thrones

You won’t see many posts in this category. I’m not a big TV watcher. My TV is mainly used for watching films or playing games on. I’ll watch the odd football match if… Continue reading

Dev Is Hot – But How Hot

Dance music is on the rise, it’s currently the “in” genre, whether that’s Funky House, Drum N Bass, Electro Pop or Dubstep. Whilst there are many that will say it’s never been away,… Continue reading

Liverpool FC – Bleed Red, Not Blue

As it happens with the start of most seasons, there is a new home, away or 3rd kit revealed by most clubs in the Premier league. Liverpool FC included. So, Liverpool FC have… Continue reading

Limitless – Limited By Averageness

If you’re an avid anti-narration throughout the film type of person, then you might want to skip this one. From the off, the film starts off with Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) narrating on… Continue reading

Alienware Gaming Night

I was lucky enough to be invited to a special Alienware Gaming Night where I would pit my gaming skills against some of the best PC gamers. With the prestige of taking part… Continue reading

The Museum Of “Me”

There’s a brilliant viral by Intel going around called the Museum of Me, which takes everything you have on your Facebook account and displays it visually in your own special Museum dedicated to… Continue reading

Drive Angry – A Collection Of Clichés

I was in a mood to watch a film, but didn’t really know what I fancied exatly. Perusing my list of “to watch” I opted to take on Drive Angry. Now I’m not… Continue reading

FC Barcelona – A Legacy Built Over A Decade

Teams come and go, they win they lose, they leave their footprints and impressions all around football, but few leave a legacy, defined by an era where they set standards, dominate and inspire… Continue reading

True Grit – Truly Shit

As it usually happens with me, every time I get excited about watching a film, it turns out to be pretty shit. True Grit is a great example of a film that has… Continue reading

Millennium Series Trilogy – Part Three

A lot has happened to Lisbeth, our protagonist from the trilogy. She’s managed to outwit most from tracking her down or getting too close to her emotionally. But now she finds herself in… Continue reading