Twitter Changed Stuff, Didn’t Tell You, Opted You In

Last night I noticed I got an e-mail from Twitter about someone replying to one of my tweets, strange I thought. I checked my e-mail, lo and behold, surely it was true. Twitter… Continue reading

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

Super-injunctions. Lets hit this nail on the head. Any form of injunction which is sought to shut people up is wrong and usually brought on by those with deceitful minds. What we have… Continue reading

The Return Of The King

I always find it irritating when reading about my beloved Liverpool FC from those on the other side of these rose-tinted glasses. Whenever I hear people talking about what’s good for us and… Continue reading

Millennium Series Trilogy – Part Two

Following on from Part One of the Millennium Series, here’s my views on Part Two. The Girl Who Played With Fire seems to indicate a calm after the events of The Girl With… Continue reading


As the furore of the failure of Sony, the Playstation Network comes to a slow halt and normal service is slowly being resumed, I look at what Sony is doing to compensate for… Continue reading

Solarpod by ThousandSuns

The latest feedback session held at #LeStudio52 was to discuss the Solarpod by ThousandSuns – a company specialising in using Solar Power manufacturing and distribution of Solar energy products globally. The Solarpod is… Continue reading

Sniper One – Sgt Dan Mills

The whole book is written through the eyes of Sgt Dan Mills of the 1st Battalion, the Princess of Wales’ Royal Regiment (PWRR). The book mostly focuses on Sgt Dan Mills, the commander… Continue reading

Millennium Series Trilogy – Part One

The Millennium series is a series of best-selling novels originally written in Swedish by the late Stieg Larsson, which have also been adapted into film. I’ve heard the books are much better (usually… Continue reading

Hiring Monkeys To Do A Man’s Job

Right now I should be at a “dedicated blogger event” instead I’m sitting here writing this blog post, which will no doubt be ignored by those it’s intended for. Mainly due to the… Continue reading

Lasers Focused On Lupe Fiasco

The lyrical talent in Lupe Fiasco is evident, but for me he’s not quite delivered to the potential he possesses in my opinion. Some may remember his appearance on Kanye West’s Touch The… Continue reading

Beautiful People – Shame About The Album

F.A.M.E is the title of Chris Brown’s latest album, whilst it was released a while ago, I’ve listened to to it at least maybe once or twice fully through and must say found… Continue reading

Twitter Leads The Way

Ask yourself, when was the last time you had trouble changing an avatar, or background for your personal page on any service? I’ll let you think for a while… I personally thought with… Continue reading