Firefox 4 Launch Party

Last Thursday I attended the launch party for Mozilla Firefox 4 – the latest build of my browser of choice. I’ll be honest, I do have Chrome also installed, but tend to use… Continue reading

London Blog Club – Challenging Bloggers

Having met @MarkoSaric and @FilipMatous at the London Bloggers Meetup previously and having had a lot of laughs, they told me about an event they run which was very similarly named the London… Continue reading

Dragon Age 2 – Scaly At Best

I’m not  a massive fan of Dragon Age,  I didn’t play the original, nor did I play Origins. The fact is, ever since I played The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, I’ve moved away… Continue reading

LBM Sorts You Out

For those that don’t know what #LBM is you should head over to their website to find out more, but in short, LBM stands for London Bloggers Meetup. LBM for me is a… Continue reading

Xbox Special Edition Transforming Controller

The Xbox controller itself is a pretty comfortable and capable piece of hardware, but it does have a few uncomfortable and annoying features. The lack of out of the box recharging is one,… Continue reading

You Are Not A Gadget: A Manifesto by Jaron Lanier

There aren’t many books I’ve read since I was 11 that have had an effect on my thought process and the way I look at things like You Are Not A Gadget by… Continue reading

Modern Warfare 2 – Utterly Addictive, Utterly Poor

Lets get this straight, (again) Modern Warfare 2 is the most successful game ever made. It’s highly addictive and easy to get into. It deserves awards, but not the sort of awards you… Continue reading

Valhalla Rising – Answers On A Postcard

Hypnotic, dark, confusing, tense, nauseating – these are some of the words that could describe what watching Valhalla Rising is to experience. Although there are a few other words; such as gruesome, bloody,… Continue reading

HowTo: Own Twitter And Spam

How do you as prolific spammer, own Twitter’s system and send out some meaning less tweets before being shut down. I’m sure “prolific” spammers have a much more efficient system than me, but… Continue reading

My 10 Movie Moments

This is a post inspired by IAmLuca – Luca Massaro self proclaimed “The Most Electrifying Man in Digital Marketing” – and maybe he is. His post is actually a Top 10 Inspirational Movie… Continue reading

The Prodigal Son Returns

The rumours are true, I’m back, just not like you know it. My previous 2 posts on Why I was Divorcing Facebook and then the Final Straw clearly indicated to me what was… Continue reading

HowTo: Make The Best Multiplayer FPS

I don’t know what’s up with the developers of today, maybe it’s because they keep selling themselves to the corporate bigwig publishers in order to obtain success, ever being demanded to bring out… Continue reading