Freedom – by Daniel Suarez

The world economies are collapsing, the US as a country is slowly but surely being thrown into chaos. The dollar is on a sharp descent, stock markets are volatile, there is a lack… Continue reading

Adele – 21

I’ve been told I’m a visually orientated person, it may be true to a certain extent, but I’m also a massive fan of music. I’m a sucker for a many things; brunettes, steak,… Continue reading

All Of The Lights Focused On Kanye

I tweeted about this video a week or so ago, I’ve had Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy for a while, but never really had a proper listen to it. His previous… Continue reading

Daemon – by Daniel Suarez

With my renewed enthusiasm and excursions into those old age tools of knowledge, fantasy, facts and records, I’ve been sent plenty of recommendations by people from my earlier post and tweets on which… Continue reading

New Years Resolution #1 – Going Cold Turkey – Fail

This year I set my self a few personal goals, New Years resolutions if you will. One of them was to see how long I could go without drink (alcohol) whilst seeing how… Continue reading

Black Ops – Love, Hate, Don’t Appreciate

This was supposed to be the best Call Of Duty to date, it was supposed to fix everything that was wrong with Modern Warfare 2. Whilst it did some things right, overall I’d… Continue reading

Need For Speed – Hot, Hot, Hot Pursuit

I played Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 on the Playstation 2 many years ago, and still to this day it was one of the best racing games I had put my hands… Continue reading

The Social Network – Surprisingly Pretty Brilliant

  I was invited to attend a private early showing of the “Facebook” film – The Social Network at Sony Pictures Europe on Monday 11th. Being a bit sceptical and having recently deleted… Continue reading

Muzu TV – Music For Your Eyes

  The last London Bloggers meetup I attended was sponsored by – some of you may think it sounds familiar. It’s definitely something I remember years ago. is now back and… Continue reading – Another Online Aggregator is yet another online aggregator which helps those of us with hundreds of millions of profiles scattered around the world wide web into one place. The idea behind this is good.… Continue reading

What’s All The Buzz About

  I’ll confess I’m a Google man, most of my online life is based on Google, besides the other few services I’m using only Flickr is my other service which I uses regularly… Continue reading

#4sqldn Night of Secrecy

  Foursquare is slowly growing, to be honest location based check-ins are growing, becoming slowly more common place. Foursquare is just one service which offers this, and from memory the first service which… Continue reading