The Problem With Posterous

Ever since I started using Posterous (which I have to admit I like, because of the simpleness) I’ve always been annoyed with the fact there is no simple and easy way to put… Continue reading

London Bloggers Meetup – Greene King IPA Cask Revolution

  I’ve been part of the London Bloggers Meetup group for ages, but never had the chance to make any of the meetups arranged. Events usually conspired against me. But I made special… Continue reading

Modern Warfare 2 – THE Most Agonising And Annoying Game Ever Made! ?

Yes it is the most successful game of all time, ever, period. But only if you consider success as units sold, then yes Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 stands alone at the… Continue reading

Heavy Rain Demo – First Impressions

    This is easily one of the most anticipated games of this year. When the date for the Demo was announced I wasn’t eagerly excited as normal, having had many let downs… Continue reading

Magntize – Another Online Profile Aggregator

Just playing around with Magntize, yet another service which allows one to aggregate all their different online presence, sites and profiles into one place. The UI and designs are actually pretty cool. Pro… Continue reading

Win7 – Shortcut Which Could Be

I want to know who the guy thought making this shortcut ONLY go to Windows Explorer was a good idea? The ability to customise it so it points to my favourite folder, or… Continue reading

Broadband Speed Test Update

Now this is slightly more of what I expect from my 8MB connection. Still the fact is, it doesn’t even get half way to what I was promised, Digital Britain is an illusion.

UKOnline’s Appauling Service

So today I’ve been disconnected at least 5 times, and am suffering from this absolute rubbish service on the 8MB connection. I usually can get around 5-6MB, but today is horrible.   I’ve… Continue reading

Banks And Overdraft Fees

How this world works sometimes just disgusts me. Especially with Banks. How they get away charging customers for doing absolutely nothing is beyond me. Take for example the charges below, they just made… Continue reading

The Huge Wave

    It’s getting better to use, except there are many failures: – It’s yet another system to use. – There is no app, plugin to notify of new waves – Its very… Continue reading


    Unique, Artistic, Brilliant. If you’ve ever seen Anime, thought about watching it or are intrigued by the genre itself, this definitely isn’t what you should start with! Genuine Anime fans only.… Continue reading

Dynamic Twitter Avatars

    Wouldn’t it be great if we had Dynamic Twitter Avatars? One that changed when specified? An idea brought on by @msjen – a day and night one for example.